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what inspired me to start Jaxxgear?

We brought Jaxx home in March of 2015. He is a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, with beautiful wavy long hair.


That winter, during the first real snowstorm was the first time we experienced the bizarre results of a dog’s warm body, long hair, and lots of cold powdery snow. Snow Clumps, snow grapes, snowballs, whatever you want to call them, is a condition I had never seen before. Poor Jaxx came inside with three to five-inch snowballs attached to his entire lower body. At that moment, I realized we needed something to cover his body while he was out in the snow. 


Naturally, I began to look for a full-body snowsuit for dogs. I searched and searched but found very few options with long sleeves. The things I could find seemed to be very restrictive and uncomfortable for the dogs to wear. Further, after reading reviews of those products, a consistent theme emerged that getting something to fit well was a big problem. 

The design process

Being an innovative person who enjoys creating things, my mind began working. First, I rummaged through all of my kid’s old onesies in the basement, cut off the feet, and with a few rubber bands, I strapped that onto Jaxx. Next, I decided to try my hand at sewing. I cut up some old fleece sweatshirts and managed to create a rudimentary, very uncomfortable outfit for Jaxx. 


At this point, I realized I would need help. It was April of 2017 when I started working with pattern designers. I worked on the base pattern for over two years. Jaxx was always the model, and he was always a good sport.


After making over 200 samples, I refined the pattern into its current form. It is a five-panel design that takes into account the shape and movement of dogs. It is highly customizable and can be made to fit any dog from a basset hound to a Chihuahua. It is easy to put on and take off, and once on, your dog won’t think anything of it. Not only will it significantly reduce snow clumping, but it will also keep your dog clean, minimize exposure to ticks and Lyme disease, keep them warm in the winter and dry in the rain.

Custom made coat and jackets for dogs of all sizes. small breed to large breed. Handmade locally to fit your dog perfectly. Full-body coverage and water-resistant and wind-resistant
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