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What is Jaxxgear?

Jaxxgear jackets are custom made multi-weather full body apparel meant to protect your pet from the cold, rain, snow clumps, dirt, ticks, and those notorious seed burrs.  Our jackets are custom made and designed to fit comfortably without restriction to the dog's natural movement with its five-panel construction and stretchy material. The design also makes it easy to put-on and take-off, even for those inexperienced with dressing their dog.

We offer the jackets in a lightweight shell fabric that works well for all seasons,  as well as a fleece-lined, soft shell fabric that offers extra warmth in those bitter cold days. 

During the wintertime, if you're an owner of a long-haired dog, then you have experienced the snow clumps that get stuck to their hair. With Jaxxgear, their coat will be protected. 


The long sleeves and high collar help prevent ticks from attaching to the dog's fur and embedding themselves to the dog's skin. Ticks are known to cause Lyme Disease as well as Rocky Mountain Fever and can be a severe threat to you and your pet. 



Jaxxgear Cusom Made Long Sleeve Dog Coats
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